Lady Toxicsugga


My name is Toxicsugga, for you Lady Toxicsugga. I represent true authentic dominance, paired with a dose of arrogance, beauty and a fine sense for the importance of a strict control over you and your whole life.

I live financial domination since my youth and over the years I’ve grown my seduction of solvent men, who give into their submission more and more. I quickly realized that I enjoy dominating men - taking more and more of their money and making them do things they never imagined!

As for this topic: I love money, I love your money - and I don’t care if you consider yourself submissive, if you’re in a relationship or anything else - I always get what I want - ALWAYS!

But I’m really picky as to who I submit! I like it when you know how to articulate yourself, I like old-school gentlemen with manners - and obviously with packed bank accounts!

I don’t want one-timers either, that’s no fun for me. I love it when a connection grows over time - and I want you to entertain me the whole time - dumb and uncreative servants don’t do it for me.

I like to live life to the fullest - be it alone or with my partner - as long as it’s not cheap or dull. Travelling, expensive gifts and a nice lifestyle is what I crave - and of course I keep an eye on my ever-growing bank account at all time - which you will fill up nicely!

There’s nothing more satisfying then watching you walk into my trap over and over again - injecting my sweet toxin into your veins, pushing your further and further towards ruin and even afterwards fucking you harder and harder without any remorse. You don’t get to ask for a reward - get that thought out of your brain right way. You’ll just think about the pleasure it will give you to pay me. Only then you’ll get noticed by me - and maybe get to see my middle finger as a reward as my words guide you into place! I’ll push you to your financial limits and I’ll love to see you begging for attention and paying me for it while you’re getting more and more horny. I’ll hurt you where it hurts the most!

But don’t be fooled - I don’t need your money in any way. I’ve a stable life - both personal and professional. I’m an independent woman - and I’m always untouchable for you! I’ve an attitude most ladies can only dream of and that creates an addiction in men. I’m not looking for someone to live off - I can live well off my own money. I’m simply turned on by the thought of burning through other people’s cash! You’ve done the first step - admitting into your fetish and need for findom. I’ll give your life new purpose, push you to work harder, to earn more money - that you’ll pay me! I know this thought makes your pants tighter around your dick - and soon your only thoughts will be on how to get a better pay pig that’s controlled by me!

Now I’ll control your financials completely and I’ll decide how your life works. My demands will push your limits on some days - but I won’t care. I don’t care for your problems - EVER! Your silly life will be meaningful again - through me!